Here are links to some of my recent academic articles. I’d love to receive comments about any of the topics covered in these papers.

Skin and the Limits of Belonging, in New Scholar.

Skin, Intimacy and Authenticity: Literary Representation of Anglo-Burmese Women in The Lacquer Lady in Interventions, a Journal of Postcolonial Studies (note: this link has been updated).

How I Wrote The Monsoon Bride in Reconstruction: a Journal of Cultural Studies.

The Writerly Skin: Limit in Representing Anglo-Burmese ‘Mixed-race’ Subjectivity in the online journal, Double Dialogues,

2 Responses to Articles

  1. Mary G says:

    Hi Michelle, I would very much like to read your article on *The Lacquer Lady,* mentioned above, but your link is “empty” and I can’t find this article in libraries, either. Is there another path? Thanks much!

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